Is the seller required to fix every item listed in the inspection report?

No. Keep in mind that no house is perfect. The inspection report may include major defects that will be summarized and listed in red. These are the items that the inspector feels require immediate attention. There will be other times listed in your report that are simply added to make you aware of some of the maintanace issues the house may have. The home inspector will not find every defect present in the home. You should discuss your concerns with your realtor to determine appropriate steps, actions, or negotiations if needed.

Can I do the repairs myself?

Maybe! If you are skilled in a particular trade, chances are you can handle certain repairs. For safety reasons, the inspector will recommend that all repairs be performed by a qualified contractor.

How much time does a thorough inspection require?

Most homes require approximately 3-4 hours to complete. Generally, the inspection will be performed prior to your arrival. When you arrive, the inspector will perform a full walkthrough and answer any questions you may have.


And then some! On average 200-500 digital pictures will be taken during the course of the inspection. The defects found will be photographed and included in the report. The photos will have detailed descriptions  to make repairs easier to understand and locate.


The evidence is clear! Ask me and I'll prove it! Every home inspection company out there will use the words detailed and thorough.  If you've had an inspector tell you it will take 2 hours to perform a complete inspection, you should be asking more questions. A home purchase is considered one of the largest purchases most people will make in a lifetime. Don't settle for a speedy inspection made in haste. There is a good chance it will cost you in the future. I will take as much time as I need to do a thorough inspection.

Tall Ladders! I carry a 28' extension ladder. To my surprise, this is not common. I will walk any roof that I can, safely. The best roof inspection is done from the roof. 

Of course you can call, text, or email anytime with any questions you may have.

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